Your Junior Coaching Staff consists of:

Trent Tucker- Director of Junior Academy
Matias Martin- Director of High Performance
Georgi Cravero- Director of High Performance
Adrian Clark- 10’s Director
Ellie Bailey- Developmental Program Director
Megan Patterson- Tennis Professional
Gerald Bowen- Tennis Professional
Kevin Garlington- Tennis Professional
Chelsea Orr- Tennis Professional
Mark Milner- Tennis Professional
Tiffany Milner- Tennis Professional
Ashley Watling- Tennis Professional
Lina Semenova- Tennis Professional
Angie Rains- Tennis Professional
Camilo Velandia- Tennis Professional

Court Reservations

TTA juniors are allow to use the indoor courts as a walk-on at no charge, provided they are in the TTA Program, attending TTA drills a minimum of 2 days per week, and space is available at the time of the request. Courts booked in advance will be billed at the regular rate.

Please note – if you are unable to fulfill your reservation, please cancel 24 hours in advance. This allows other members to use the court. During peak hours or inclement weather, we may have a waiting list for indoor courts. Failure to cancel will result in full charges being applied, so please remember to cancel.

Tennis Guest Fees

Guests are always welcome at TGH&RC. All Members are responsible for registering their guests at the reception desk prior to play. As The Grand is a private and not a public facility, members must accompany guests at all times. Tennis Guest: $10.00 plus tax

Tucker Tennis Academy

The Grand Health & Racquet Club has one of the top junior tennis programs in the Missouri Valley. Whether your child is a nationally ranked player or brand new to tennis, The Grand has the program for you. The Director of the Academy is Trent Tucker, USPTA. The Academy has a full traveling program and competes against other Academies throughout the United States. The Junior Development Program is divided into the following class levels (listed from beginner to advanced level).


Jr_Award_Pic hilton_logo

Pee Wee Tennis: Pro in charge – Ellie Bailey (Ages 4 – 6) (Under 3 year by approval only)

Students will learn the basics of tennis in the Pee Wee Program. The use of specially designed equipment along with professional instruction will assure a positive, and most importatnly, fun experience. The class aims to improve overall hand-eye coordination and introductory tennis skills. Your child will love it even more with a friend!

Developmental: Pro in charge – Ellie Bailey and Adrian Clark (Ages 7-12) (Under 7 years by approval only)

The Developmental Program is for beginner to intermediate level players. Students will learn the proper technique for ground strokes, volleys, and serves. The program is designed to teach young players basic principles of consistency and competition in a fun, fast-paced learning environment. We will integrate the USTA Quick Start Junior Development Program into our drills for this class. It works by getting kids into the game immediately. In this program students will gain confidence by seeing thier own progress and also become more enthsiastic about continuing to play and improve. We believe that having fun is imperitive to a young player’s development. Quick Start Tennis enables kids to have an enjoyable experience early on in the learning process.

School Program: Pro in charge – Lina Semenova (Ages 12 – 19)

This program is designed for the beginner player who is looking to improve their overall game. The class includes a combination of fed-ball drlls, live-ball drills, and game play.

The Academy: Pro in charge – Trent Tucker (Ages 9 – 19)

The Academy Program is designed for the serious tournament player. The program streses technique, proper footwork, mental discipline, attitude and physical conditioning. We strongly reccomend combining regular private lessons from an Academy pro along with the TTA prgram for best results. Admission into the program is based on past tournament results/rankings and a scheduled evaualtion with Trent Tucker. The use of correct grips for all shots is required.

Summer Camps:

This program is designed for children 4 years and older. It is an introductory class, similarly structured for ATP players. These camps are held from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. each weekday of the summer (June through early August). Each day, students check-in and learn/play tennis from 9 a.m. – 11 a.m. Following instruction, players are served lunch and have a cool down period. Following lunch, the students can continue to play (with assigned games) or head to the pool for swimming. Parents pick up children from the pool at 1 p.m.

To obtain a USTA number or register for a tournament,
go to www.usta.com for more information.